It only took a year…

Last December I decided “gosh I really need to start a blog” not because I was so certain that I had something important to share with the world but mostly because I was so inspired by a few of my favorite bloggers (okay confession: there are blogs that I have read for years but I’ve probably never left a comment on to let them know how much I love their blog…eek!) who are so bold and honest in sharing their life, their faith, their struggles and their joys in their blogs so I figured I should join in. Well, that was last December and then 2012 happened…it was crazy.

Remember how it was just January 2012?? What was I so busy with? well I graduated from college in May, before that I was on student staff with Young Life, involved with my sorority and in general college just felt BUSY. Jokes right? Who knew that life after college would be so. much. busier?? Last summer I did a 5 week INTENSE summer institute for TeachNOLA, an alternative teacher certification program in New Orleans (where I also went to college) and now I teach high school French in an urban high school. (Don’t worry, I have that reaction too sometimes, that double take of, “wait, you graduated from college last year and now they’re letting you teach some of the most difficult (okay maybe that’s just my perception) high schoolers in the city?”) They are crazy.

My job has been an eye-opening, stress causing, sometimes overwhelming, sometimes joyful adventure for the fall. Spring is going to fly by between MLK day, Mardi Gras break, spring break and all the GEE and EOC testing in the 4th quarter. Plus, my genius self somehow thought it would be a BRILLIANT idea to start a high school tennis team. Okay, I’m so excited for it but I also may or may not have inner anxiety attacks about how much that is going to entail. It is going to be a busy busy spring between school stuff, weddings, adventures and soaking in a few more months of NOLA. Why do I need to soak it in you might ask? Because fingers and toes crossed, eyes squeezed shut and hope upon hope I’ll be going to France in the fall for SEVEN months to be a teaching assistant…the catch? I won’t find out until APRIL!

I’m not sure what this space will look like but I’m so excited to finally START this and I can’t wait to share what the coming months bring 🙂


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